We produce bio-ethanol based gel fuel for use in hospitality industry and household. Bio-Ethanol is currently the most popular fuel made from renewable sources such as sugar cane, corn, wheat and any cellulosic materials. As all other chafing fuel heating products are derivatives of petroleum and natural gas they are finite resources. An earth friendly agricultural based ethanol gel fuel burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than petroleum based products.

Chafergel ethanol gel fuel burns up to 3,5 hours with no sacrifice to quality and calorific performance.Chafergel chafing dish fuels are quaranteed to meet your needs providing optimum flame and heat spread with the longest burn-time and constant temperature. Chafergel products are specially formulated for the most efficient applications, so food is kept within the temperature safety zone above 63°C/145°F with longer duration. Chafergel chafing fuels can be used in all food and beverage heating units including beverage urns, soup tureens and chafing dishes.

We produce our products to global standards and use outside independent lab-performance testing. The performance of Chafergel chafing fuel has been tested and certified by one of Europe’s most respected quality research institute LGA Qualitest a member of TÜV Rheinland.

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Giza Group was founded in Istanbul in 1991 as a private corporation, manufacturing and distributing chafing dish fuel and BBQ lighters. By maintaining key values of quality and service, it has rapidly become the supplier of choice in horeca sector and to meet the growing demand, in 2003, moved to current facility in European Free Zone.