The 1lt plastic squeeze bottle with a child-proof cap makes the lighting of charcoal, briquettes or wood for barbecues and all household fires both simple and economical. It helps you to get ember from coal in a short time.

  • Conforms to the European standard DIN EN 1860-3
  • Burns longer and hotter than isopropanol blends
  • This fire gel is thickened for safety so that you can pour straight from the bottle.
  • Leaves no taste or odour in barbeques
  • Burns clean and odour free
  • No carbon monoxide is given off


  • How to Light a Charcoal Grill in 5 Steps;

    1. Make a pile of charcoal briquettes in the middle of the grill.
    2. Thoroughly soak the briquettes with Chafergel bbq lighter gel. Let the briquettes soak for at least five minutes. This helps to insure that the taste of the fuel is not transferred to the food and that the briquettes will ignite without adding more fuel.
    3. Carefully light the briquettes using long stick matches or a fireplace lighter.
    4. Allow the briquettes to turn white.
    5. Carefully spread out the charcoal evenly across the grate for direct cooking. For indirect cooking, place two piles on either side with a space in the middle.

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Giza Group was founded in Istanbul in 1991 as a private corporation, manufacturing and distributing chafing dish fuel and BBQ lighters. By maintaining key values of quality and service, it has rapidly become the supplier of choice in horeca sector and to meet the growing demand, in 2003, moved to current facility in European Free Zone.